Postnatal Yoga
Practicing yoga is an excellent way to get back in shape after the arrival of the newest family member. Women will have the support of other new moms to understand and process the profound change in their life while regaining tone and strength, increasing their energy and improving overall well-being. Postnatal yoga is important for new moms because:
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscles need to be rehabilitated
  • Exercises need to be modified to accommodate the postpartum anatomy and physiology
  • Your energy and wellness affect your baby
  • Taking time for yourself helps you to approach the responsibilities of motherhood with renewed energy
"Jessica's gentle and calm instruction, partnered with her fantastic yoga and pre-and post-natal expertise are invaluable to the expecting mom or the mom who wants to reclaim her body and mind after childbirth."
-Kathryn O., nonprofit executive & mother of two